The Story of the Marigolds

“Let’s go plant some miracles!”
                                       – Ashlynn Anderson

Ashlynn Dawn Anderson'

On a warm summer day, Ashlynn’s grandmother  bought some marigolds to plant in her garden.   Ashlynn and her brother, Patrick, were visiting Grandma Colleen.  Grandma Colleen asked,”Ashlynn, would you like to help me plant some marigolds?” Ashlynn was so excited to help, she yelled to her brother, “Hey Patrick!  Come on.  Let’s go plant some miracles!

For every seminar that is conducted, a marigold will be planted in Ashlynn’s honor to show our progress and strive in our efforts to reduce the number of families affected by dog attacks every year.  The flowers will be planted in “Ashlynn’s Garden.”


Ashlynn’s Garden


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